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Women's Conference 2024

Unshakable Faith

May 10-12


Meet our inspiring speakers for Unshakable Faith Conference.

We’d love to see you Women's Conference 2024
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Unshakable Faith

The Women's Conference promises to be a transformative experience, featuring workshops, discussions, and sessions designed to deepen your faith, uplift your spirit, and connect you with like-minded women from our community and beyond.

Our Schedule

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Day 1

May 10, Friday

Registration at 6:00 PM

Conference starts at 7:00 PM

 Guest Speaker Taniya Pekun

Service will be in English and Russian languages


May 11, Saturday

Registration at 11:30 AM

Day 2 starts at 12:00PM 

Guest Speaker Makhmudova Olya

Lunch at 2:00 PM (lunch will be provided by CLA church)

Q&A at 3:00 PM

Master Class stations at 4:00 PM

Service will be in English and Russian languages

Day 3

May 12, Sunday

Day 3 starts at 1:30 PM

In House Speaker

Pastor Marina Malko

Tea/Coffee at 3:15 PM

Oil Painting

Women's  Art  Brunch 

Abstract Curves

Welcome to CLA Church, where we believe in the significance of a strong Godly community. Our women's gatherings provide a unique space to connect, share life experiences, and inspire one another. Pastor Marina Malko delivers powerful messages rooted in the wisdom of the Bible, nurturing spiritual growth and sisterhood.

As we reflect on the importance of community, let's draw inspiration from Proverbs 27:17 (NIV): "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." Join us in the journey of mutual encouragement and growth in faith.

Добро пожаловать в церковь CLA!
Мы верим в важность крепкого христианского сообщества. Наши встречи для женщин представляют уникальное пространство для общения, обмена жизненным опытом и вдохновения друг друга. 
Пастор Марина Малко несет сильные послания, укореняясь в мудрости Библии, способствуя духовному росту и единству сестёр.

Размышляя о важности общения, давайте черпать мудрость из Притчей Соломона 27:17 (NIV): "Как железо острит железо, так человек острит лицо другому человеку". 
Присоединяйтесь к нам для взаимного вдохновления и роста в вере.

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